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Building a Better Bronx:

A Healthy Community, A Healthier Government


 Fighting for the Bronx, and for our Community

The strength and resilience that I see in my patients as a frontline caregiver at Montefiore Medical Center has inspired me to serve our community.  Our District and community is diverse, hardworking, and reflects the best parts of the Bronx and our city.  However, the Bronx and our district continues to face real challenges that I am determined to meet head on as your Member of Assembly.   

It is critical that we continue to fight to improve our community’s health and increase access to affordable comprehensive health care.  

However, this alone will not be enough to improve our community’s health. Improved education, and access to better jobs can ensure that our community grows sustainably. 


The time is now to fight for our District, and to fight for the Bronx.

That is why I will form a local stakeholders’ committee to study and issue specific plans for the district. Through my work in health care advocacy, I’ve learned to value the importance of input from the community, and know that it is the only way to ensure the best and most equitable outcome for all.  

I look forward to working with all of you in the district, and bringing the energy and vibrancy of our community to the work in both the district and in Albany.  I want to make sure that what happens in our state capital reflects what we need right here at home.

Our District Needs Better Health Care

It is critical that we continue to fight to improve our community’s health and increase access to affordable, comprehensive health care.  As a registered professional nurse, I have a front row seat to the challenges our community faces when it comes to our health outcomes and access to quality health care.

Last year, Bronx County was ranked as the least healthy of all counties in New York State. The Bronx also has the highest rate of children living in poverty.  This problem is reflected in how we access healthcare. Over 30% of our district relies on Medicaid to pay for health care.  It is imperative that our district continues to fight for better health care funding, and increased access to health care services.   

I was part of a larger fight to expand funding to critical community and safety-net hospitals across New York, and we won!  Funding has been allocated to these hospitals in the state budget, and that is critically important for our hospitals in the Bronx, specifically our public hospitals like Jacobi Medical Center, North Central Bronx Hospital, and Lincoln Medical Center.  This is not enough! Our public health system is constantly under attack at both the state and federal level. Funding for the most vulnerable patients in our community and our district is always threatened with cuts from short-sighted legislators. My vision is to continue the fight to preserve and expand services, and my track record shows my commitment to that fight.  

Better Education for a Stronger Future

We need to strengthen our children and students’ access to quality public education, and continue to provide opportunities for students to grow inside and outside the classroom.  Our public schools are of utmost importance, and fighting to strengthen them is one of my top priorities. I am proud to have received my RN education and training right here in the Bronx, and I know the importance of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to continue onto higher education or learn a skill that can lead to a sustainable job.  

Only 12% of people 25 and older in our district have a Bachelor’s Degree, and nearly 30% of people 25 and older have not been able to complete high school. Our enrollment among school age children in schools is also much lower than it should be. This is unacceptable in our city, and in our community. That is why I support our city’s efforts to continue supporting vulnerable communities and their schools. Our schools are a resource that need to be adequately funded,and that funding should not be solely driven by test scores.

I want to put our public education system on track to respond to the growing needs of our students. I’ve seen some great models for this, in public schools like PS18 in the Bronx. They are part of the NYC Community Learning Schools Initiative, which is a collaborative model of education that includes bringing stakeholders together, and expanding school-based access to health care, community education, and social services. We need to support and broaden programs like these, that ensure that the younger generations receive the tools and educaton to live up to their full potentials. 

Furthermore, we need to look at how we keep our youth engaged outside the classroom. It is time we begin to make meaningful investments in the holistic development of our youth. Our community is rich with bright, and talented children and it is our responsibility to provide the resources necessary for their success. I want to continue this fight in our district as your Member of Assembly.

Good Jobs. Green Jobs for the Bronx

I have been on the front lines of protecting workers’ rights. The economic backbone of our community rests on the hardworking men and women who live in it.  Workers across our city and in our district won an important victory with the commitment to raise the state minimum wage to $15 by 2019. But we can always do more. We live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and everyone deserves a livable wage in our community. Our community works hard, but as we all know hard work is not always met with equitable treatment.

Workers’ rights are continually under attack from the regressive actions of those who seek to return us to workplaces that are unsafe, and where workers do not have a voice on the job. I plan on working with community groups and unions to continue to improve wages and working conditions for all working people in our community. 

Also, many employers have left The Bronx. We should be attracting good union jobs back to our community. That is why I support programs like Sustainable South Bronx, that look to train people to work green jobs, and attract these jobs to our community.

I will work with all levels of government to prevent the erosion of important laws that protect workers’ health and safety on the job, as well as the right to organize a union. We live and work in a city with strong unions and a strong commitment to workers’ rights. I plan to honor that tradition as your Member of Assembly and continue to fight for working people in our community.


"This is our community and a vision and plan for the future should be shaped with the collaboration of the great people in the 87th assembly district."

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